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Made by Milongueros for Milongueros

We make sure that you experience the best of Buenos Aires. 
You can trust us to plan customized tango schedules in town,
provide you great accommodation, safe and puntual airport transfer, exclusive access to tango experiences and more.

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About Us

Let us introduce ourselves: We are Tango Pick Up and our team of professionals is at your full disposal!

Ariel Varnerin (Tango singer and founder of Tango Pickup) directs this initiative where friendship, tango codes, dance and milonga converge, by hand of the responsibility and excellence of a personalized service. We don't meet expectations: we exceed them.

We make sure you have wonderful experiences during your stay in Buenos Aires. We treat our milongueros guests as friends at our own home.

See the full list of services here.

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More than 20 years of presence in the tango scene of Buenos Aires made possible to create a program of benefits for you: "GET TANGO DISCOUNTS" which gives you discounts up to 20% on tango shoes and clothing, lodging, group and individual lessons.


Escuela de Tango Integral

Logo Roxana Vincelli for Dancers.jpg

Roxana Vincelli


DNI Tango Store


Comme Il Faut


Casa del Sol Alojamiento


Dana & Jon Alojamiento

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 Valuable collaborations of our professional friends  

moira castellano.jpg

Moira Castellano

mariana dragone.jpg

Mariana Dragone


Sofia Jazmin Guerreiro


Capussi Flores


Gaston Torelli

rocio y bruno.jpg

Rocío y Bruno

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Image by Ross Elder


We set the highest standards for the activities we offer and in every aspect of our work. Our team of professionals masters the city and its surroundings 100%, so we offer a diverse and specialized service that fits every need.

ENG: Servicios

Shuttle Pickup

We have years of experience with private transport services. We know that it is important to arrive at your destination on time and comfortably, and that is what we guarantee.
We are proud of our team and their hard work involved in taking you to your destination anywhere in Buenos Aires regardless of traffic. We invest the necessary time in communication and preparations for you to arrive safely at your destination.
You are welcome to contact us for further information or to make a reservation.


Our Passengers, Our Friends

ENG: Testimonios

Awesome service! Clean, timely and very friendly. Highly recommended. I will be a returning customer for sure. 👍🏻🙏

Kate Halpin
Milongueros del Mundo

Fantastico! Re buen servicio!! Felicitaciones por el emprendimiento! Te canta Ariel en el viaje!

Sabrina Tonelli
Tango Dancer & Make Up

Just the best taxi service for tangueros in Buenos Aires! Muy recomendable.

Claire Deville
Tango DJ France

I've used the service several times. Always tidy, punctual, friendly, Ariel also sings tango!! A master all in all!

Rafael Mendaro

Milongueros del Mundo

Todos los videos

Todos los videos

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