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The Tradition of Argentine Mate

Learn from the work of a renowned silversmith and the traditional Mate

  • 30 dólares estadounidenses
  • Buenos Aires

Descripción del servicio

Meet Airaudo, a renowned silversmith that specializes in author Mates, and learn how to embrace this tradition that more than a drink is a philosophy of life. "A Mate is not denied to anyone" is a popular saying among Argentineans. Any time is good to drink a Mate, and in companionship it tastes better. Some might drink a Mate to wake up, for an introspective moment, as an excuse to meet friends, or just to accompany the mid-afternoon cookies. Regardless of reasons, Mate is a fundamental part of the Argentine idiosyncrasy. Come and learn how to prepare yours and get to know the world of handcrafted mates. The cherry on the top is a private concert that Ariel will give us at Airaudo's workspace. With his 20 years of experience in the local tango scene and touring around the world is something to don't miss!

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+54 91158772870

Viamonte 2429 Buenos Aires Argentina 1056

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